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Root Canal Melbourne VIC

When dental decay rears its ugly head, many extremist dentists may simply prescribe an extraction if the decay has reached an advanced stage.

Fortunately, at City smiles, we have all the right tools and procedures that can help us perform a root canal treatment that can actually save the tooth from extraction.

Saving your tooth

Root canal is often necessary when the decay from an untreated cavity has progressed to the inner chamber of the tooth. The pulp inside the tooth can become infected with bacteria and root canal procedure is performed to clear away your decay and infection as well as adequately restore your tooth. A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth.

This can happen due to:

  • Gum disease
  • Repeated dental treatment on a specific tooth
  • Breakdown of an existing filling or crown
  • Extreme wear of a tooth
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Cracked teeth
  • Trauma
  • Complication of dental procedure
  • Deep filling

We perform our root canal treatment so that you can keep your natural tooth which is always more beneficial than a prosthetic solution.


  • Aesthetic differences (cracks, discolouration)
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Pain and sensitivity
  • Inflamed gums

The Root Canal Procedure

The procedure involves removing the damaged area of the tooth (the pulp), cleaning and disinfecting it and then filling and sealing it. Once the root canal treatment is complete, your tooth will then be restored. Your dentist will decide on what type of restoration is necessary to protect your tooth, although, often a crown is needed. The good news is that root canal therapy has been reported to be up to 95% successful.

Before treatment your dentist at City Smiles will speak with you about your sedation and pain reduction options. Once we are sure you are comfortable your dentist will remove the infected pulp and tissue from the centre of your tooth by drilling through the top of the tooth. The inside of the tooth will be cleaned of bacteria and debris, and then sealed with a filling or crown.

Root Canal Treatments are completed with the placement of a filling or a crown. The procedure may take multiple appointments if the infection is severe. That is why it’s important to visit City Smiles in Melbourne twice a year so that we can identify problems before they progress.

What is the alternatives to having root canal treatment?

Generally, there are two other options which include:

  • Removing the tooth. Removing the tooth will leave a gap in your smile that will need to be replaced with an artificial tooth like a dental implant and crown.
  • Leave the tooth untreated. If you do leave the tooth untreated, an infection may occur and can spread to the jaw as well as spread throughout your body. Pus can build up and cause pain and cysts may also develop and need further treatment.

Root canal at City Smiles Melbourne

At City Smiles, we can ensure the success of your treatment due to the fact our extensive experience when it comes to this treatment.

Not only have we got the skills, but also all the necessary equipment and tools to successfully perform this procedure at each of its stages. We are also well-equipped to ensure that you are calm and comfortable during each step of your root canal treatment.

Choosing City Smiles to perform your root canal treatment can give you peace of mind that you are receiving exceptional service using up to date technology. Your smile and tooth can and will be restored while maintaining your comfort.

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