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The Top 5 Natural Tooth Whitening Tricks Picked by City Smiles

Do you struggle with discoloured teeth? At City Smiles we have taken all the hard work out of discovering your very best, brightest smile…

Tooth discolouration can occur for a wide variety of reasons, whether it is due to illness, a certain medication, age or simply the foods you eat, it is possible to turn a stained smile into a radiant smile with these helpful hints. (However we urge our patients to see a GP before making any sudden or significant changes to their diets, and that these tips should help discolouration on the outside of the teeth, but should not be taken as medical advice.)

ONE – Strawberries, the natural bleaching agent…

It’s true, strawberries are not only delicious, they actively help to whiten your smile! Containing an astringent (a coarse agent) and vitamin C, strawberries effectively aid in removing surface stains and any lingering plaque on the tooth enamel.

TWO – Nature’s toothbrush, the apple…

Crunchy foods such as apples or even celery are fantastic as natural toothbrushes. When you bite into an apple, the abrasive skin works as a natural cleaner by scraping off any plaque accumulation; leaving a cleaner tooth surface. The simple act of chewing the apple also helps to remove excess food debris and bacteria, and contains something called malic acid, which is a chemical commonly found in tooth whitening products and dissolves stains.

THREE – Raisins help to wash out your mouth…

Commonly referred to as a ‘natural mouthwash’, raisins are fantastic for inducing saliva production, which helps to rinse away plaque. As we age our mouths slow down saliva production, and as a result bacteria can thrive and cause issues such as periodontal (gum) disease or even tooth decay. This is why it is important to maintain saliva flow as it is your very first defence against bacteria, plaque and discolouration.

FOUR – Drink plenty of water…

Do not underestimate the power water can have within the mouth. By drinking the recommended amount of water (3 litres a day for men, 2.2 litres for women), you can help flush out bacteria in the mouth before it has a chance to cause damage to your smile or affect its colour.

FIVE – Visit us at City Smiles for a whitening treatment…

Have you tried the above but can’t seem to put a dint in your tooth discolouration? At City Smiles located in Melbourne we have a fast and effective tooth whitening treatment designed to deliver high quality results. With a number of premium whitening products and a choice of the finest brand results provided by the Opalescence Tooth Whitening System, we are able to whiten your smile in-office or give you a kit to take home so your treatment can fit around your lifestyle.

Ready for your tooth rejuvenation?

Discover high quality results and a beautiful, brighter smile at City Smiles in Melbourne. Our treatments are tailored specifically to you, allowing your dental needs and desires to drive the entire process.

For more information on tooth whitening or to book an appointment at our Melbourne dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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