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Restore your smile with City Smiles’ Affordable Restorative Dentistry

Mending a crooked, chipped, cracked or discoloured smile has never been so easy Smiles are one of the first things people notice about you, therefore it’s extremely important to nurture your smile. Looking after your teeth is simple, however sometimes it can be easy to ‘forget’ and neglect your dental…

Sedation dentistry to treat wisdom teeth development!

The benefits of sedation dentistry are not limited to treating dental phobia A recent study has found that the utilisation of dental anaesthesia in children can fix a long term dental health concern which has been affecting us since our evolution into the modern man. Wisdom teeth impaction has plagued…

Killing us softly: Sugar doesn’t only affect dental health

Here at City Smiles we care about our patients overall health as well as their dental hygiene It’s old news that sugar causes plaque, cavities and periodontitis. We all know that sugar can ruin teeth, enamel and gums so it should be no strange fact that sugar can also cause…

Porcelain Veneers are fast becoming most requested cosmetic dental procedure

With Hollywood’s incessant focus on appearance permeating every facet of life it’s no wonder people are turning to cosmetic dentistry to get that straight, white healthy looking smile. More and more the focus is on how people look and how they achieved that beauty. Nowadays, people want that instinctively effortless…

Relieve Your Toothache with Root Canal Treatment!

It may sound strange, but root canal treatment performed at our Melbourne dental practice should not cause any more discomfort than that of a regular filling… If you are suffering from a chronic toothache, root canal treatment may be the appropriate treatment to fix these issues once and for all.…

Three great ways to make brushing teeth fun!

Is your child hesitant to brush their teeth? At City Smiles we have you covered! Let’s face it – brushing teeth isn’t exactly a fun-filled task, especially if your child hates the feeling of the bristles against their teeth. At City Smiles in Melbourne, we have compiled some tips for…

Coconut oil can combat tooth decay

The miracle product now proven to prevent tooth decay We know coconut oil is great for all sorts of things such as weight loss, healthy hair and skin, boosting the immune system and stress relief. Now it has been proven to inhibit the growth of plaque and tartar build-up; actively…

Revive your smile with super-thin porcelain veneers, now available at City Smiles

Veneers are a very effective and minimally invasive option for correcting gappy, chipped, discoloured or misshapen teeth, and are the famously popular smile solution for celebrities across the world. But what makes porcelain veneers so special? Achieve a more naturally beautiful smile with porcelain veneers Porcelain veneers are comprised of…

Care for a dry mouth

There are many things that you can do to help improve your dry mouth symptoms and reduce your risk of dry mouth-related health problems. DRINK LOTS OF TAP WATER. Aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of tap water a day. Drink water by the glass or half glass. Try…

Porcelain Crowns And Bridges May Be Needed To Protect A Weak Tooth

Are you looking to reinvigorate and rejuvenate a smile that is looking tired or needs enhancement, are missing or broken teeth leaving you feeling down and low on confidence, then crowns and bridges are a brilliant way to combat this. A porcelain crown is more commonly used on broken chipped…

Imagine How A New Smile Makeover Could Transform Your Life

Not many people realise that your smile is predominantly the first thing that people notice about you, not only is it the first thing they notice, but it also goes a long way to determining how they feel about you, it is a massive part of you and makes you…

Dentures Used To Be The Only Solution To Replace Missing Teeth, Now There’s Dental Implants

Dental implants are a fantastic and effective treatment for people with missing teeth. Unfortunately many people live with the burden of missing teeth, which can cause discomfort, pain and even embarrassment. A smile that is effected by one or more missing teeth can look very unaesthetically pleasing, and put people…

Appreciate The Difference With Dental Porcelain Veneers

Discoloured, chipped or broken teeth can effect even the most confident of people, and put a dent into how you present yourself and your appearance. Most people now want a minimally invasive solution to these problems. Discolouring can be caused by a number of problems including drinking too many sugary…

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