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How to treat gum disease

Throughout your lifetime, you will most likely be affected by the common gum infection known as gum disease which is caused by build-ups of plaque.  In early stages, gum disease is easily fixed by good oral hygiene. Later stages of…

Let’s save a problematic tooth

Crowns and problematic teeth Dental crowns are the ‘tooth-savers’ of dentistry. If you have tooth pain due to damage or decay of some sort, your dentist may suggest a dental crown. When you arrive at your appointment you will undergo…

Keep Your Mouth Sparkling Over the Holidays with Proper Cleaning Techniques

'Tis the season to over indulge, celebrate and be merry, but amongst the Christmas feasting we must remember to keep our oral health in check… At City Smiles in Melbourne we understand that the festive season is a time to…

Price is not an indication of quality at City Smiles in Melbourne!

Paying your dental bill doesn’t have to be a headache at City Smiles Here at City Smiles in Melbourne we’re passionate about affordable dentistry that is also high in quality. Here in Melbourne we are known as one of the…

How to select a high-quality and affordable dentist

Here at City Smiles we’re passionate about patient care which means helping you select the perfect dentist Here at City Smiles in Melbourne we know that choosing a dentist can often be tricky: full of hurdles and confusing questions. We…

Killing us softly: Sugar doesn’t only affect dental health

Here at City Smiles we care about our patients overall health as well as their dental hygiene It’s old news that sugar causes plaque, cavities and periodontitis. We all know that sugar can ruin teeth, enamel and gums so it…

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