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Why you shouldn’t skip your dental checkups

Have a dental checkup coming up? Or, maybe it’s already passed and your busy schedule got the best of you. It’s important to not skip out on visiting your dentist, as it’s the key to achieving great dental health. Missing…

Oral Health Tips and Ticks – Dental Health Week 2019

Dental Health Week is here, and with the help of the Australian Dental Association, we want to provide you with some oral heath tips and tricks. Tips and Tricks Brush Twice A Day – The best protection against tooth decay…

21.1% of Australian adults 65 years of age and over are missing all of their teeth

Melbourne Dental Implants Are you missing all of your teeth? Are you aware of the dental solutions that could help you gain back your oral health? Research shows that 21.1% of Australian adults are edentulous (missing all of their teeth)…

What your dentist is doing during your check-up without you noticing

Did you know during your regular dental check-up that your dentist is also checking for signs of oral cancer? Last month was Oral Cancer Awareness Month, for those of you who missed the memo we encourage you to consider the…

Affordable Dental Implants for the Baby Boomers

In 2010, approximately 21% of adults aged 65 and over had no natural teeth (edentulous). Today most of the baby boomers are between the age of 50 and 68 and are becoming part of the adult mass that should be…

Affordable Dentistry: Or Why It’s All About You

Oral health is so important, that’s why City Smiles is the leader in affordable dentistry and patient care Oral health is very important. There is enough information saturating the internet and various other media outlets that emphasises this fact. So…

Price is not an indication of quality at City Smiles in Melbourne!

Paying your dental bill doesn’t have to be a headache at City Smiles Here at City Smiles in Melbourne we’re passionate about affordable dentistry that is also high in quality. Here in Melbourne we are known as one of the…

The Life of a Dental Crown

Have you received a dental restoration and wonder how long it’ll last? At City Smiles in Melbourne we understand the fear of dental crowns breaking or coming loose, which is why we always utilise high quality components and materials to…

How to select a high-quality and affordable dentist

Here at City Smiles we’re passionate about patient care which means helping you select the perfect dentist Here at City Smiles in Melbourne we know that choosing a dentist can often be tricky: full of hurdles and confusing questions. We…

Restore your smile with City Smiles’ Affordable Restorative Dentistry

Mending a crooked, chipped, cracked or discoloured smile has never been so easy Smiles are one of the first things people notice about you, therefore it’s extremely important to nurture your smile. Looking after your teeth is simple, however sometimes…

Sedation dentistry to treat wisdom teeth development!

The benefits of sedation dentistry are not limited to treating dental phobia A recent study has found that the utilisation of dental anaesthesia in children can fix a long term dental health concern which has been affecting us since our…

Killing us softly: Sugar doesn’t only affect dental health

Here at City Smiles we care about our patients overall health as well as their dental hygiene It’s old news that sugar causes plaque, cavities and periodontitis. We all know that sugar can ruin teeth, enamel and gums so it…

Relieve Your Toothache with Root Canal Treatment!

It may sound strange, but root canal treatment performed at our Melbourne dental practice should not cause any more discomfort than that of a regular filling… If you are suffering from a chronic toothache, root canal treatment may be the…

Three great ways to make brushing teeth fun!

Is your child hesitant to brush their teeth? At City Smiles we have you covered! Let’s face it – brushing teeth isn’t exactly a fun-filled task, especially if your child hates the feeling of the bristles against their teeth. At…

Coconut oil can combat tooth decay

The miracle product now proven to prevent tooth decay We know coconut oil is great for all sorts of things such as weight loss, healthy hair and skin, boosting the immune system and stress relief. Now it has been proven…

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