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Full Arch Restoration Melbourne

A Full Arch Smile Restoration can be permanent or removable

A full arch smile restoration is a treatment that is performed when all of your teeth are missing from either the upper or lower arch. There are three different types of full arch restorations including a fixed bridge, removable over denture and a removable full denture. A fixed bridge is often the most popular restoration choice as it is permanent and will feel and function the same as your natural teeth.

A Fixed Bridge Restoration

A fixed bridge restoration is permanent and uses a combination of dental implants and a dental bridge to restore your smile. A dental bridge is a made out of a pontic (solid false tooth) and two exterior porcelain crowns. It is designed to fill in a gap left by a missing tooth or a group of teeth by attaching to an existing or installed solid tooth structure in the mouth.

The process:

  1. Your dentist at City Smiles will evaluate your mouth and determine the best route of treatment. They will determine how many implants are needed and the shape and size of your prosthetic teeth.
  2. Your implants will be installed. The titanium implants will act as your new tooth roots and usually four or five implants are used per arch. While your jawbone is integrating with the implants and your mouth heals we will secure temporary implant crowns so that the aesthetic and function of your smile is not affected.
  3. We will remove your temporary implant crowns and install your final bridge which will be permanently fixed in your mouth. This part of the procedure can require multiple visits.
  4. End Result! Your smile will be fully restored and the restoration should appear just like a natural smile would. Many patients prefer the permanency of this procedure as it allows them to feel like they still have their natural teeth.


  • Permanent restoration that feels like your natural teeth
  • Care is the same as natural teeth (brushing and flossing)
  • Stimulates the jaw bone more effectively than removable solutions which improves function and the facial profile


  • There are virtually no disadvantages

Removable Over Dentures

A removable over denture is a removable full arch of teeth and prosthetic gum. It can be anchored to two dental implants by either a ball or bar fixture in the front of the jaw.


  • Usually more cost-effective although the end result is not as stable or realistic
  • More stable than a removable full denture


  • Still not as stable as a fixed bridge restoration
  • Many patients find removable dentures harder to clean and embarrassing at times

Removable Full Denture

A removable denture is a mixture of prosthetic teeth and gum that is inserted loosely over your natural gum.


  • The cheapest form of full arch replacement


  • Doesn’t stimulate the jaw bone as necessary
  • Can result in a sallow look of the face
  • Harder to clean
  • Can make regular functions difficult such as eating and these dentures can slip out at inopportune times


What is a full arch restoration?

A full arch restoration is essentially a replacement of all of the teeth on one or both jaws. In this procedure, four to six dental implants will need to be placed. There are three types of full arch restorations available: a fixed bridge; removable over denture; and a removable full denture.

The guided keyhole surgical procedure is minimally invasive meaning a virtually pain-free procedure. In comparison, traditional implant surgery requires a lengthy, invasive surgical procedure, sometimes under general anaesthetic.

How much is a full arch restoration?

Here at City Smiles we have a reputation of being the most affordable dental practice in Melbourne and strive to ensure all our patients gain the care they need without the added stress of excessive cost. This is why our full arch restoration is $8,000-$12,000 but is always subject to diagnostic and treatment planning. We also offer upgrade options at approximately $12,000 -$15,000.

Our upgrade options include:

  • Overdenture
  • Hybrid fixed denture
  • Zirconia ceramic fixed bridge

What are the benefits of a fixed bridge restoration?

A fixed bridge restoration is permanent and, once complete, will look and function just like your other natural teeth. As it’s a permanent solution, you can stick to your normal dental hygiene routine.

A fixed bridge restoration also stimulates the jaw bone which helps to improve facial function and facial profile.

Our innovative technology is predictable, and the best possible final result is planned right from the start through the precision of our computer-guided software. The planned computer-guided process allows us to prepare the tooth crown or bridge in advance, so you can walk out with your teeth in as little as one appointment.

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