What You Risk When You Undergo Overseas Dental Treatments

iStock 000011860951Small What You Risk When You Undergo Overseas Dental Treatments

The dental tourism industry is becoming increasingly popular with many Australians opting for cheaper dental treatments – but  what are you risking by choosing to go abroad for medical holidays?

Many Australians have chosen to undergo dental ‘holidays’ as a cost effective way to achieve a beautiful smile. But is the cost worth the risk? The discussion around dental tourism involves concerns of; communication, accountability and your overall safety.

What the Australian Dental Association thinks about dental tourism…

The Australian Dental Association discusses the many reasons that Australians should avoid dental holidays in a report outlining issues including poor training and infection control. Some of the other concerns to consider are:

  • Time and continuity of care where dental treatment is fitted in around a holiday, and should ideally be conducted over a longer period of time.
  • The risk of something going wrong wherein most travel insurers will not cover medical tourism.
  • Suitable avenues for complaint and discussion surround the treatment before and after.


The most popular dental holidays for Australians include; Malaysia, India, the Philippines and Thailand. While many doctors will understand and speak English, they may not be able to communicate as clearly as dental professionals here in Australia. When undergoing dental treatment – cosmetic or otherwise, communication with your dentist is imperative to ensure everyone is on the same page and understand the treatment in full.


Doctors overseas do not hold the same accountability as our dental professionals here in Australia. Firstly, your dental holiday is limited which means you will only be in the country for a short time and therefore do not have the luxury of follow-up appointments or quick check-ups after your treatment. Essentially your dentist can complete the treatment with little to no accountability whatsoever. More often than not your insurer will not cover dental tourism under its claims which means if your treatment fails you are out of pocket.


Your overall safety is the most important and worrying concern when it comes to dental tourism. Do you know how qualified your overseas dentist is? Do you know what the dental standards are in that country? Do they even have national dental standards in that country? When you opt for Australian dental services you can feel comfortable knowing that the qualifications are high and the standard of practice is assessed regularly.

Comparing the two…

infograph What You Risk When You Undergo Overseas Dental Treatments

What you get at City Smiles

At City Smiles located in the Melbourne CBD you can receive the dental care you need with the comfort of staying in Australia with qualified doctors and high standards. City Smiles also uses Australian made products which means, not only are our standards much higher than our overseas counterparts but the products used are high quality. For those patients who are interested in more serious dental treatment such as the replacement of missing teeth and full arch restoration we encourage you to consider treatment within the country. These treatments require skill and are mostly done in staged processes to allow time for healing. By rushing these treatments you could be sacrificing your dental health.

If you are considering dental implants visit City Smiles today

All-on-4 $19,500 – $24,500

Implant Crowns $1350 each

Dental Implants $1600 per fixture (Implant Fixture Placement)

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Affordable Dental Implants for the Baby Boomers

iStock 000014235203Small Affordable Dental Implants for the Baby Boomers

In 2010, approximately 21% of adults aged 65 and over had no natural teeth (edentulous). Today most of the baby boomers are between the age of 50 and 68 and are becoming part of the adult mass that should be concerned about their dental health.

Baby boomers are commonly grouped as those born between (and including) 1946 and 1964, in Australia this accounts for approximately 5.5 million adults across the country. As we age our body and our health takes a toll. This is the same with your dental health; your teeth become a part of this ageing process and for those people who unfortunately find themselves with missing or severely damaged teeth- dental implants could be the solution for you.

Investing in your dental health

At City Smiles located in the Melbourne CBD we have acknowledged the ageing population and have lowered the cost for dental implants to provide a more affordable solution for your dental needs. You can now save $230 on our top of the line dental implant treatment, which means you can receive your implant fixture and crown for just $2950 per tooth. Savings of $230 could let you enjoy a night in the Melbourne CBD after treatment, could pay for tickets to a show in the city or a fine dining experience. With more money in your pocket and teeth in your mouth you can spend more time doing the things you love and smiling proudly while you do them!

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The importance of replacing your missing teeth

It’s extremely important to replace your missing teeth because leaving them can cause your teeth to move which can lead to misalignment and more gaps between neighbouring teeth. Dental implants also provide strength and function to an otherwise compromised smile. By avoiding dental care for your missing tooth you could be allowing the shape of your face to alter which can lead to lost muscular support and in turn premature ageing. With the support of a dental implant we can maintain your muscles as well as jaw bone density which can also recover the appearance of your jaw.

Getting older should be exciting

shutterstock 72855286 Affordable Dental Implants for the Baby Boomers

As the baby boomer population ages, this should be an exciting time for the many Australians coming to the age of retirement, rest and relaxation. Poor dental health and missing teeth can affect the way you spend this time in your life. With dental implants you do not have to concern yourself with removing the cap for cleaning because the prosthetic tooth is securely fixed to the implant which is implanted into your jaw bone. Dental implants are the closest restorative treatment to actually having your natural teeth.

Check out how the implant procedure works

Receiving the best treatment at City Smiles

Our team at City Smiles in Melbourne wants to see our patients getting out there and enjoying life, especially for those in their later years. Don’t let your dental concerns affect you daily life, take care of them now and enjoy life sooner. Opting for dental implants will ensure your missing teeth are replaced with a dental solution that looks and feels natural. At City Smiles our team will ensure you are taken care of every step of the way. With a team of highly qualified dental professionals and friendly admin staff, we will ensure you feel comfortable during your time with us. Baby boomers deserve to travel, relax and spend time with family. Avoiding your dental problems, especially missing teeth, can lead to even more severe health problems in the future and should be rectified right away.

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Dental Implants set to be the Dental Treatment of 2014

2014 Dental Implants set to be the Dental Treatment of 2014

With ¼ of the year down it’s becoming apparent that dental implants will be the restorative treatment of 2014…

Here at City Smiles in the Melbourne CBD we provide dental implants to patients who are looking for a permanent solution for their missing teeth. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular for patients who want a fixed solution rather than a cap or bridge. The dental implant treatment process ensures that the implant is securely fused to your jawbone so that it can provide a comfortable, natural-feeling replacement.

The benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are changing the way dentists replace missing teeth. The ability to provide a dental solution that acts as a tooth root means that patients can now have their smile restored to its original function. Some of the benefits of dental implants include:

  • They look and feel natural
  • The implant fuses to your jaw bone
  • They restore the function of your mouth
  • They are durable and built to last
  • There are no dietary restrictions
  • No damage to your neighbouring teeth

The importance of replacing your missing teeth

shutterstock 51481933 Dental Implants set to be the Dental Treatment of 2014Not only is a flawless smile aesthetically pleasing but it can function better and help prevent further dental problems. Your teeth are not stationary- that is why we can use orthodontics to move them. This means that if you have a missing tooth, over time they may shift and move into the gap. When your teeth start shifting this can cause problems to your overall oral health and can cause more severe dental problems. We encourage patients to consider replacing their missing tooth or teeth as soon as possible. We understand that cost often prevents patients from receiving the treatment they need. At City Smiles we offer payment plans to help ensure our patients receive the essential treatment they need NOW and worry about payment later.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are treated through a staged process that can take some time from start to finish. The treatment time will vary based on how fast it takes to heal between stages. For some patients we are able to finish all stages in just a few months whereas others take upwards to 8 or 9 months. During your consultation with our team of highly trained professionals we will discuss your treatment plan and proposed treatment length based on your current dental condition.

The first stage of your treatment will involve fitting the implant into your jawbone through the gum so it can begin to fuse with your jaw bone in a process is called osseointegration. This can be the longest stage of your treatment because it requires your implant to heal completely before we can continue securing the cap on top. The second stage will involve attaching a fixture to the top of the implant before placing the cap over top. Once your cap is fixed to the abutment you will be left with a natural looking and feeling replacement tooth.

City Smiles is predicting that dental implants will be the most popular treatment this year

At City Smiles we recommend dental implants for patients who are missing teeth because this solution will provide the closest replacement to your natural teeth. Dental implants are becoming more requested because today we want a solution for our dental needs that doesn’t require dietary restrictions or constant maintenance. If taken care of consistently, your dental implants can last decades. Caring for your dental implants is much like caring for your regular teeth; for optimal results you should maintain a regular hygiene routine and visit our dental office for check-ups every six months. With many requests for this innovative treatment only ¼ of the way into 2014 City Smiles is predicting that dental implants will be the most popular treatment this year.

For more information about dental implants please don’t hesitate to call or 03 9020 4449 or contact us online. 

Your Questions about Dental Implants Answered

shutterstock 121053022 Your Questions about Dental Implants Answered

Dental Implants are often misunderstood and the procedure can be confusing for those who have not had it properly explained to them…

At City Smiles in Melbourne we want to help our patients understand all their treatment options before we discuss what will be best suited for their mouth. Dental implants are used to fill the gap between your teeth with a permanently fixed implant and cap. The implants themselves are strong, permanent and with your prosthetic cap will look and feel much like your natural tooth. For those patients who have a missing tooth we encourage you to consider dental implants as a solution.

What is the procedure for dental implant surgery?

Dental implants follow a staged process which allows us to implant them firmly and securely into your jaw. You can expect a similar process to this:

shutterstock 89051368 Your Questions about Dental Implants Answered


How much will my dental implants cost?

Dental implants are a permanent fix for your missing teeth. When investing in this treatment you are investing in a replacement tooth that is as close to your natural tooth as possible. Here at City Smiles we are able to offer your treatment for the following price:

Implant Crowns $1350 each

Dental Implants $1600 per fixture (Implant Fixture Placement)

Total: $2950 per implant

Why choose dental implants?

A missing tooth is not only aesthetically unpleasing but can also cause future health concerns if left untreated. A gap between teeth can cause your neighbouring teeth to slide and move out of alignment, which can affect your entire oral environment. Having your teeth slide out of alignment may make eating or even speaking more difficult. Replacing your missing teeth with implants, crowns or bridges can help keep your teeth in place while filling the gap in your smile. Dental implants are appealing for the following reasons:

  • Adjacent teeth are not damaged or cut
  • Permanent solution
  • Looks and feel like a natural tooth
  • Can be used to stabilise loose dentures or even replace them with fixed bridges

 How do I look after my dental implants?

Dental implants are the next best thing to having a natural tooth which is why aftercare is generally the same as your regular cleaning. You can brush, floss and eat normally with dental implants, we always advise our patients to take extra care of their prosthetic teeth, however you can rest assured that following a regular and proper oral hygiene will help keep your implants in good health. Immediately after surgery you will be instructed to follow particular aftercare instructions to ensure everything heals properly. Our team will ensure that you understand each stage of the treatment and will be with you every step of the way to ensure your implant surgery is successful. During your regular check-ups we will assess your mouth and examine your implant to help ensure everything is healthy and functional.

For more information about dental implants please don’t hesitate to call 03 9654 6979 or contact us online. 

Why are City Smiles’ prices lower than other dentists?

shutterstock 124029445 Why are City Smiles’ prices lower than other dentists?

3 reasons why City Smiles can produce affordable dental treatments

1) Maximised Productivity

2) Streamlined Procedures

3) Local Dental Labs

With inflation, global financial crises’ and the cost of living continuously increasing, we understand how difficult it can be to find affordable dental work. Here at City Smiles in Melbourne, we offer quality dental work for a low price to help play our part in providing affordable dental work that you may need or want. Our cosmetic, general and restorative treatments help give you the smile you desire with the function you need. Did you know that the first thing most people notice on someone’s face is their smile? What does your smile say about you? What do you want your smile to say about you? At City Smiles we are in the business for creating not only an aesthetically pleasing smile but a functional smile too. Not only can we help improve the look of you smile but we can improve the function of your smile. The function of your mouth and teeth contribute to your ability to perform simple tasks like eating and speaking. The best part is- we offer treatments to suit your budget!

Why are your prices lower than other dentist’s?  

It’s hard to believe we can offer such competitive prices while still providing quality service, but here at City Smiles we have found the key that is allowing patients to receive treatments to suit their budget. We are able to do this by:

  • Maximising productivity, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with technology and dental procedures.
  • Streamlined procedures, our highly trained professionals follow strict guidelines allowing us to treat you efficiently and effectively.
  • Local dental laboratories, we have eliminated the cost required for importing by using a local Melbourne supplier.

It’s so affordable! Will my treatment be compromised in any way?

We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not – here at City Smiles we have  perfected the way we do dentistry to allow our patients optimal cost benefits with high quality treatments and services. Our dental team are trained and qualified in Australia and the UK and certified by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPR). Each of our dentists has their own area of interest within the range of dental fields, which allows us to assign the ideal dentist to suit your treatment needs. To ensure we are providing safe procedures, we adhere to all Australian dental regulations and install strict infection control, standards and procedures. As leaders in our industry we are continually investing in dental technologies that can improve patient comfort.

Australian lab work at City Smiles

To help support the Australian economy and to keep our costs low we source our restoration products from a local distributer, Andent. Andent dental laboratory in Melbourne is a 3rd generation family business that has over 80 years’ experience in the dental industry.  At City Smiles we send all of our lab work to Ardent which means we can ensure we are doing our part to support the Australian economy.

Payment options to suit your budget…

During your initial consultation we can discuss payment plans and options to help make your treatment more affordable. This way you can receive the dental work you need now without having to sacrifice the entire payment right away. For your convenience, we generally accept most major credit cards, cash, BPAY, direct debit and EFTPOS. We also offer HICAPS and we can provide on-the-spot rebates for private health funds.

We have also partnered with Dentisure™, who offers patients FREE dental cover against dental accidents. Accidents happen, but are you covered when they do? Without coverage, one dental accident can be enough to put a sizable dent in your savings. To help save yourself unexpected costs consider Dentisure as a solution to your dental emergency needs. While many general health insurers will only cover a small proportion of dental treatments, Dentisure offers a range of treatments and covers up to $5000 per accident.

We are also able to provide interest free financial payment plans and extended payment options for suitable candidates. Thanks to GEM Visa, we offer two types of patient finance plans which enable you to begin your treatment immediately – and worry about payment later.

Check out our affordable prices

Transform your smile with porcelain veneers for $890 per tooth 

Get your smile back with dental crowns for just $980 per tooth 

Implant Crowns $1350 each 

Dental Implants $1800 per fixture (Implant Fixture Placement) 

Whiten and brighten your smile with our take home system for just $150 

For more information about our payment options please don’t hesitate to call 03 9654 6979 or contact us online.

Keep Your Mouth Sparkling Over the Holidays with Proper Cleaning Techniques

december keep your tetth clean at xmas Keep Your Mouth Sparkling Over the Holidays with Proper Cleaning Techniques

‘Tis the season to over indulge, celebrate and be merry, but amongst the Christmas feasting we must remember to keep our oral health in check…

At City Smiles in Melbourne we understand that the festive season is a time to load up on treats, but this year we want to ensure that our patients are paying extra special attention to their oral hygiene too. With correct brushing and flossing techniques, followed up with your regular check- up at our Melbourne clinic you can help ensure your oral health is maintained.

The importance of having good oral health….

Maintaining your oral health helps ensure you’re maintaining good overall health too. Apart from functioning to enable us to eat, speak, laugh and smile our teeth and gums should be free from infection, which can cause dental caries, inflammation of gums, tooth loss and bad breath. Such conditions can lead to even more serious health and dental problems that may lead to pain, discomfort and in severe cases, surgery. By applying a regular and effective oral health routine you are not only eliminating the risk of dental disease, but you are helping to prevent it. Below are some techniques that should be used every day and especially over the holiday season to ensure you are maintaining that sparkling smile.

Brush with care and accuracy…

Everyone will have slightly different brushing techniques, however there are some basic rules that should be followed to ensure you are getting all the hard to reach places in your mouth. Remember brushing takes at least two minutes, most people do not take enough time to brush their teeth, with only  120 seconds needed to correctly clean your teeth, surely that’s a task we can all handle! If you’re following proper techniques and cleaning your whole mouth the two minutes will be up in no time. Some important things to remember when brushing your teeth are as follows:

  • Brush the inner and outer surfaces of your upper and lower teeth
  • Ensure you are brushing the outer surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth
  • Clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth
  • Brush your tongue for extra fresh breath

When properly brushing your teeth, try to use short, gentle strokes, paying extra attention to your gumline, the hard-to-reach back teeth and areas around your fillings, crowns or other restorations.

Floss daily and effectively…

Flossing your teeth can help prevent gum disease which can lead to tooth loss and other more severe dental problems. Gingivitis is a gum disease that causes inflammation, redness and discomfort to your gums which, if left untreated, can progress into periodontal disease. By flossing your teeth daily you are not completely preventing these diseases from happening but you are taking the correct steps to ensure you are actively keeping on top of your oral health. Here at City Smiles, we recommend using a decent size of floss (approximately 40 cm), while holding the floss between your thumbs and index fingers, follow the curves of your teeth and slide the floss gently up-and-down between your teeth. Try to smoothly clean beneath your gumline, while avoiding snapping the floss on the gums.

See City Smiles for a check-up regularly…

At City Smiles we recommend our patients visit us every six months for a regular check-up and cleaning. However, if you are concerned about any dental discomfort in the interim we recommend seeing you as soon as pain sets in. This Christmas season it’s important to keep your teeth properly maintained and after the over indulgence we will be happy to see you at City Smiles for an early cleaning and check-up. You don’t want to start the New Year off with poor oral health, so these festive seasons try to be conscious about your dental hygiene and stick to regular and effective dental techniques.

For more information about our general dental treatments or to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to call 03 9654 6979 or contact us online.     

3 Reasons Why Dental Veneers Are Becoming the Most Requested Cosmetic Dental Treatment

shutterstock 51481933 3 Reasons Why Dental Veneers Are Becoming the Most Requested Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Dental veneers are becoming ever so popular in the cosmetic dental profession…

Nowadays we want to get that perfect smile without having to withstand months of braces and continuous whitening treatments, with dental veneers patients are able to get a new smile in a timely fashion. At City Smiles in Melbourne we offer porcelain veneers for those patients who want a flawless smile.

I have to have them!…but what are they?

A dental veneer is a thin layer of material (we use porcelain at City Smiles) placed over a tooth, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth/teeth or to protect a damaged tooth/teeth. At City Smiles we will take a mould of your teeth to begin the construction of your new porcelain veneers. Before we do this we remove a very small amount of enamel so that the teeth do not appear bulky once the thin porcelain veneers are applied on top. The next step involves sending your moulds off to the Andent dental laboratory in Melbourne to complete all lab work at their local factory.

Your second appointment is where it all happens; we will prepare your teeth for the application of your veneers. This may involve applying a small amount of mild acid which will work with the bonding agent to secure your veneers. Then we will then meticulously place your veneers and apply a specialised light that activates and sets the bonding agent.

1# Quality, quality, quality… it’s all about durability and value

When choosing to invest in a new smile, we can only hope that we are putting our decision in the best product. At City Smiles we use porcelain because it is incredibly thin, tooth-coloured and can be customised to fit your individual teeth size and shape. The price of porcelain veneers is $890 per tooth which is a well worth investment with the quality materials we use. Veneers have been known to last over 25 years in some cases, with good dental hygiene which includes brushing, flossing, drinking acidic and richly colour drinks through a straw your veneers should withstand a couple of decades. We recommend our patients with veneers visit us twice a year to follow up and to have a general checkup on the rest of their mouth.

  • do not change color over time
  • stain-resistant
  • cover virtually any imperfection, including gaps, chips, and stains
  • long-lasting, most patients get at least a decade of wear from veneers
  • durable and scratch-resistant

2# Veneers offer a naturally beautiful smile

There is nothing worse than looking at someone’s teeth that have been whitened too much or are uneven in colour, the great thing about veneers is how natural they look. Your veneers will be matched to the rest of your teeth ensuring that your porcelain smile goes undetected. The translucent quality of porcelain is much better at mirroring the natural light handling properties of natural teeth. This creates a sense of natural depth that cannot be achieved with other veneers.

3# Confidence booster

Today there is more and more of a focus is on how people look and how they achieved that beauty. People want that instinctively effortless look and this is one of the reasons porcelain veneers are fast becoming one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. Being able to show off your smile can help give you the confidence lost from any problem areas that once prohibited you from smiling freely.

At City Smiles in Melbourne we can help solve your chipped, cracked or discoloured teeth, with our porcelain veneer treatment. Veneers are a quality investment that look natural and can help you to smile with confidence, and that is why they are becoming more and more requested in cosmetic dentistry.

City Smiles, Helping Broken teeth at any stage

Affordable prices City Smiles, Helping Broken teeth at any stage

Teeth are prone to breakages and damages that cause chips, fractures, decay and cavities that can happen instantaneously or slowly over time…

Teeth are made from one of the strongest substances in the body – enamel. Enamel is the outer most layer of the tooth and is white in appearance. It works to provide the inner layers of the teeth protection from the friction and pressure occurred when you eat and speak. If enamel is not properly looked after with proper oral hygiene it can begin to deteriorate and become weak. It is at this point that tooth damages are more likely to occur, which is why at City Smiles we offer stages of porcelain restoration treatments to stop further damage to the tooth while improving your smile.

It all starts at home: oral hygiene is essential for preventing most common problems…

By maintaining regular oral hygiene you are more likely to keep your enamel healthy and strong, in order to prevent it from erosion and deterioration. Tooth weakness occurs when the teeth are exposed to bacteria for an extended period of time, meaning the tooth unprotected long enough for plaque to form after the bacteria has mixed with saliva to form sludge (within hours of eating). Over time, if plaque is not removed, it can harden and turn into tartar (days without oral hygiene), which can only be removed by a highly trained professional.  Tartar can slowly erode the enamel, weakening the tooth, which can become susceptible to tooth breakages.

Fix chips and cracks with Porcelain Veneers at $790 per tooth…

Aesthetic damages, such as chips and cracks, are easily fixed with porcelain veneers. By covering your tooth with a custom-made porcelain veneer you can completely alter the composition of your smile. It is quite easy to elongate teeth and hide imperfections, not to mention our porcelain is translucent like natural teeth and is also a very strong and durable material.

Protect your tooth from further decay with Porcelain Crowns at $890 per tooth…

Porcelain crowns or ‘tooth caps’ can be used to cover discoloured teeth, restore a tooth after root canal therapy, cover chips and cracks and other imperfections on the tooth. Like porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns are strong, durable and translucent which allow them to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. They are also custom-made to suit your smile.

Replace an entire tooth with a Porcelain Implant Crown at $1200 each…

Have you lost your tooth entirely? It will please you to know that you can regain your smile easily with our porcelain implant crowns. These implant crowns are very similar to our regular porcelain crowns, except they are specially designed to fit on top of dental implants that cost $1800 per implant. In order to regain function after missing teeth, patients at City Smiles can get dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium ‘rods’ that are secured to the mandibular (jawbone) where the missing tooth once stood. This implant stimulates the mandibular and gums, allowing for a permanent and durable solution to dentures and removable oral appliances. Dental implants give patients a new lease on life by giving them the ability to speak and eat properly again and, matched with porcelain implant crowns, you’ll never know the difference.

Rest assured that with affordable prices, City Smiles is here to help in your dental crisis…

The last thing you want to worry about when you are having a dental crisis is the price it is going to take to fix your smile. At City Smiles in Melbourne we understand the frustration, and that is why we strive to provide our patients with the best prices available without sacrificing quality. Our range of affordable and custom-made porcelain cosmetic and restorative treatments ensures that our patients regain their teeth and their smiles as soon as possible.

For more information on our cosmetic and restorative treatments, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located Melbourne City Smiles practice, please contact us today.

Why you want to Get Your Teeth Whitened by a Dentist

why you want to get your teeth whitened by a dentist Why you want to Get Your Teeth Whitened by a Dentist

A Small Study was published that has Emphasised Why You Should Get Your Teeth Whitened By a Dentist…

This study was small in that the number of people who participated in it was less than twenty. And yet the results of this study warrant further research.

What was this study about?

A team of university scientists looked at whether or not tooth whiteners were a risk factor in oral cancer. One of the reasons the research team started to look into this is because of one of the key whitening agents in tooth whitening is carbamide peroxide. This breaks down into the bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide which has been shown to produce cancer in animals.

See, if a dentist performs the tooth whitening treatment you know that their extensive knowledge of the mouth would prevent them from placing dangerous chemicals in your mouth. As the study points out, the peroxide component of the tooth whitening wouldn’t actually come into contact with the tissues of the mouth.

Why a Dentist Should Be Supervising Your Tooth Whitening…

If you were to get your teeth whitened by a dentist there is very little or no chance that the peroxide would get absorbed by the tissue of the mouth.

At the end of the day, this study was incredibly small and so far doesn’t really say anything dentists haven’t been saying for a while: for the sake of your oral health get your teeth whitened by a dentist.

Did you know that at least two countries have passed laws saying only dentists may perform tooth whitening treatments?

They did. Early this year two Western countries decided (through their respective legal systems) that tooth whitening was the domain of dentistry. Basically, if you aren’t a dentist or qualified oral health practitioner you aren’t allowed to whiten a person’s teeth.

While this is not the case in Australia, at City Smiles we strongly recommend visiting a dentist for your tooth whitening needs. After all, dentists are qualified to look after your oral health. A dentist can tell whether or not your tooth can be whitened and what the best way of going about it is.

Do you know all the reasons for why your teeth can become discoloured?

Did you know that your teeth can be discoloured from the inside out?

We guarantee you that an over-the-counter tooth whitening product couldn’t tell you why your teeth are discoloured. Or whether or not tooth whitening is the most effective way to treat your teeth.

There are treatments to whiten your teeth if tooth whitening isn’t going to work. An example of this would be veneers.

The point is that the best thing for you and your oral health is to get your teeth whitened by a dentist.

Tooth Whitening Treatments Available At City Smiles…

At City Smiles in Melbourne we are leaders in affordable dentistry and patient care. We offer a range of tooth whitening treatments to suit your needs.

If you want a quick, effective and rejuvenated smile our in-chair tooth whitening treatment only takes an hour to complete. Using the Opalescence Xtra Boost we can visibly brighten your smile in one treatment, and to ensure that you continue to have a white smile we provide you with a take home kit.

If you would like a tooth whitening treatment that works around your lifestyle we offer take home whitening kits that can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

For more information on our range of tooth whitening options, or to book an appointment, please contact us today.


What You Can Do At Home to Keep Your Teeth White

Read on to find out 4 ways to help whiten your teeth

What You Can Do At Home to Keep Your Teeth White What You Can Do At Home to Keep Your Teeth White

Tooth whitening treatments are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available. When this treatment is performed by a qualified dentist it is also the safest option for beautifying your smile. However, did you know there were foods that can help keep your teeth white?

When it comes to teeth whitening a lot of the time dentists tell you what foods to avoid. So we thought we’d compile a short list of foods that can help keep your teeth white.

  • Oranges and pineapples

These fruits contain an enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain acts as a natural stain remover. According to research, bromelain can help break up plaque. Why is this good? Plaque can lead to serious tooth decay if it isn’t kept in check.

  • Strawberries

Like oranges and pineapples, strawberries are an effective stain remover. Strawberries contain malic acid, and it is this acid that helps keep your teeth white.

  • Dairy Products

Products like cheese and (sugar-free) yoghurt can help protect teeth against decay. This is because dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt contain lactic acid. Also, chewing on hard cheeses promotes saliva production which helps fight plague.

According to a study published last month, cheese increases the PH levels in mouth. The authors of the study said that this suggests cheese might have anti-cavity properties. Another study showed that the children of women who ate cheese and other dairy products during pregnancy were more likely to have better-than-average oral health.

  • Carrots, Celery, Apples

Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables work as an abrasive to clean your teeth. These foods also produce saliva which helps prevent plaque from developing.

At City Smiles we offer a range of tooth whitening options to suit your needs…

Tooth whitening is the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry available. It is also, when carried out by a dentist, a safe way of brightening up your smile. There are a number of reasons why you should go to the dentist for your tooth whitening needs.

Firstly, a dentist is trained not just in looking after your teeth but your general oral health as well. What this means is that a dentist can take a whole-mouth approach to your tooth whitening to ensure that you get the best results possible. Secondly, teeth can become discoloured from the inside out. If this is the case then a tooth whitening treatment is not going to solve the problem. A City Smiles dentist would need to further examine your teeth to determine the correct course of action. If you go to a beauty salon or a kiosk in a shopping centre they are not likely to be able to identify potentially harmful signs of discolouration.

Quality is another big reason why getting your teeth whitened at City Smiles is the best option. At City Smiles in Melbourne we offer a range of tooth whitening treatments to work around your busy lifestyle.

Take Home Tooth Whitening Kits…

Take home tooth whitening kits at City Smiles are a great way to whiten your teeth in the convenience of your home. City Smiles uses the finest tooth whitening products to help you achieve your goal.

The Opalescence Take-Home System is a customised treatment designed to fit around your lifestyle. You will be given a customised tray that will comfortably fit your mouth. With these trays you’ll be given the Opalescence gel to help you whiten your teeth at home.

In-chair Tooth Whitening…

Our in-chair tooth whitening is an hour session using Opalescence Xtra Boost that produces great results. At the end of the procedure you’ll be given a take home kit to help keep your teeth white.

For more information on our tooth whitening treatments, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental practice in Collins St, Melbourne, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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