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Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, City Smiles is a thriving dental practice that focuses on quality, care, service and results. With a reputation of being the most affordable dental practice in Melbourne, we strive to ensure all our patients gain the care they need without the added stress of excessive cost. We are transparent about our treatment processes and the affiliated expenses, and will never proceed to treatment unless you are fully informed of all aspects.


City Smiles is a dental practice in the Melbourne CBD that focuses on quality, premium care, results and value. We utilise advanced techniques and technology to make our practice the most affordable dental clinic in Melbourne. This is why we have patients from all over Australia visiting our practice, including people from Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Quality Cosmetic Treatments and Value

City Smiles provides premier general, cosmetic and restorative dental care as well as implant dentistry. We pride ourselves on our ability to improve our processes and systems so that you can benefit from cheaper dental treatments. In a nutshell, we work smarter.

Our 100% Australian-made restorations include:

  • Porcelain Veneers – $890 per tooth
  • Implant and Crown – $2950 per tooth
  • Ceramic Porcelain Crowns – $980 each
  • Dental implant Surgery (Implant Fixture Placement) – $1600 per fixture

We perform our cosmetic rehabilitation with a personalised approach, taking into consideration each of our patients’ unique requirements. We also perform these procedures with systems and processes that provide the greatest level of efficiency and in turn economic value. This ensures that our patients don’t have to feel apprehensive about the cost of their dental treatment.

Result Driven Dentistry

If you put in exceptional skills, you can expect exceptional outcomes. This is the philosophy City Smiles operates on and our advanced technology, skilled professionals and more efficient and effective cosmetic treatments ensure better results every time.

  1. WE LISTEN – to what you want your smile to look like.
  2. WE LOOK – and assess your skin tone, lip shape, overall smile proportions, eye-nose-mouth ratios, tooth colour, tooth shape, bite, speech and more for a comprehensive examination and a thorough diagnosis.
  3. WE DISCUSS – your treatments and make sure you are fully informed about all the pros and cons. During your free initial consultation we will also prioritise your treatments and spend time answering your questions.
  4. WE PROVIDE – upfront information about your treatments and costs.


Every dentist at City Smiles is a member of the Australian Dental Association and is certified by the Dental Board of Victoria. We also have a dental expert in every area of dentistry to ensure that every aspect of your smile can be enhanced and protected.

Free Initial Consultation

We make sure our patients are informed about their treatment during a free initial consultation. This ensures that we can go into great depth when it comes to your treatment without worrying about cost implications.

Please browse through our website and be sure to give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us.

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